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5 Kinds of Weirdos in Coliving


Mark Galieo

Vybeliving #232 Mission Street


6 Mar 2020

Weirdos in Coliving

While the benefits of a coliving space far outweigh the cons—the sense of community you get binging Cheer together being a prime example—that very community can sometimes be a horror to deal with. Adjusting to so many different (and often clashing) personalities isn’t easy, after all.

Here are the 5 kinds of weirdos you are likely to meet in a coliving space:

1.   The ‘Borrower’

The Borrower

If you’re running around looking for your favorite sweater in the morning (the one you remember leaving on the couch last night) there’s a big chance that the borrower might’ve gotten to it. Do they even use anything that wasn’t someone else’s first? You don’t know, and you don’t want to find out.

2.    The Adult Child

Adult Child

Did you move into a new house or did you adopt a kid as your next major milestone? This person is certainly quite a handful and needs 24/7 attention from you. Dealing with them might’ve just officially made you avow against having kids.

3.    The Human Grapevine

Human Grapevine

You’re 90% sure that there’s more than just one of them, because how is it possible that they know everything about everyone when they’re only there half the time? It’s almost creepy how caught up they are on your life when half the time you’re not even sure what’s going on.

4.    The Asocial

The Asocial

You don’t know when you last saw them, but it was probably during the awkward 5 seconds of introductions when you’d just moved in. No one really knows what they do or where they are, except for when they’re holed up in their room doing who-knows-what. They probably missed the ‘community’ part of coliving when they were signing up.

5.    The Noise Machine

Noise Machine

They’re the mood makers of the group, but also the ones that you secretly (and often out loud) wish would just Shut Up. Even just for a second. Whether it’s midnight, afternoon, or nine in the morning, you can bet there’s some sort of noise coming out of their room to test your nerves.

Met any such weirdos in a coliving? What’s your experience been like with them? If you’ve got any interesting stories, we’re all ears. Share away!

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