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5 Mobile Apps to Help You Start with Meditation


Mark Galieo

Vybeliving #232 Mission Street


13 Mar 2020


Looking after yourself is important and squeezing in your daily self-care activities such as mindfulness and meditation is not that hard if you approach it the right way. You’ll only need your smartphone and 10 minutes from your routine, and you can start meditating almost anywhere and everywhere.  

Here are the top 5 apps that will kickstart your tryst with meditation and help you find balance in your life.

Calm Calm

30-day free trial and $60 annual Subscription, Platforms - Android & iPhone. One of the top meditation apps with more than 50 million downloads on both Google Play and AppStore, Calm is your gateway to peace and harmony. Meditate with 30+ soothing sounds or listen to 100+ sleep stories for natural deep sleep. The app includes guided sessions ranging from a duration of 3 to 25 minutes to suit your schedule. 

The Mindfulness App
The Mindfulness App

Free and Premium Plans Available, Platforms - Android & iPhone. The Mindfulness App adds an organized approach to your quest for a peaceful mind. You get guided sessions from the world’s most influential meditation teachers. The app tracks your progress and makes detailed reports for you to measure how far you’ve come.


$13 monthly (1-Week free) and $70 annual Subscription (2-Week Free), Platforms - Android & iPhone. Branded as ‘Your Gym Membership for the Mind’, Headspace offers more than just guided courses as its delightful illustrations will certainly bring a smile to your face. Its subtle soundscapes and wind-down activities will prepare your body and mind for a good night’s sleep. 

Buddhify Buddhify

One-Time Purchase: $2.99 for Android, $4.99 for iPhone. Buddhify is different. Instead of lecturing you on mindfulness, Buddhify lets you choose your time and place for meditation. Whether you are walking, traveling, or just lying down on your bed, the app drives your meditation journey with its 200+ meditations.

                                                            Stop, Breathe & Think 

Free and Paid Plans Available, Platforms - Android & iPhone. Apart from mindfulness and inducing good-quality sleep, Stop, Breathe & Think focuses on your emotions as well. You can choose sessions based on your current emotional state, along with advanced breathing and meditation techniques backed by neuroscience to aid you.

Meditation is an integral component of your daily self-care routine. It helps remove negativity, imparts strength to face the ups and downs of life, and brings out the best in you. With so much to gain, why wouldn’t you consider meditation! Choose from these feature-rich apps and let your journey begin.

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