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4 Biggest Fears About Coliving: Is Yours On the List?


Mark Galieo

Vybeliving #232 Mission Street


6 Mar 2020

About Coliving

Humans have always lived in tribes, clans, and villages from time immemorial. We are by nature social animals and we’ve always relied on our community to survive and thrive. Coliving spaces are simply a modern way of bringing together a tribe of like-minds and living well together. Residents share a passion for creating a community of support and empowerment over game nights, group dinners, and just enjoying each other’s company as they explore the ins and outs of the city.

Despite all of the perks that coliving has to offer, a lot of people still have reservations about taking the plunge. To be fair, the idea of sharing a living space with complete strangers would seem daunting for anyone. We’ve listed the 4 biggest fears that people new to coliving usually have.

Living With Strangers

Sharing a home with complete strangers is not easy. You don’t know if your personalities will match or whether you’ll get on despite some differences. However, coliving spaces have a carefully selected community fostered by a professional host to ensure that you end up with people who have the same values and intentions as you.

Giving Up Personal Space

If you identify as an introvert, the thought of sharing your personal space, socializing and being ‘on’ all the time might not sound appealing. Although coliving is all about community, you don’t need to worry about your privacy being taken away from you as most coliving spaces have private room options. However, this experience will also help you welcome strangers as friends and foster lasting relationships with like-minded people, mentors, and useful contacts.

Hidden Costs

Often people are worried about added fees and hidden costs when in reality, coliving costs way less than traditional housing. Coliving resembles communal living in a lot of ways. Resources like food are shared among the residents making it easier for them to save up. Often, residents also share amenities such as large kitchens, pools, and gyms, thereby cutting down on costs. This concept of the ‘sharing economy’ in coliving is rooted in the idea of sustainable living. 

Splitting Chores

The subject of chores is never easy to bring up and in a house with 5 or more working residents, some friction is bound to crop up surrounding the topic. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about ‘who’s going to do what’ in coliving spaces. Although residents are, of course, expected to pick up after themselves, a lot of the cleaning and maintenance are taken care of by the host. It makes the burden of maintaining a home lighter so that people have more time to invest in themselves, their work, and relationships.

We hope this list helped clear up some misconceptions about coliving that you might have had. The coliving movement is rapidly gaining popularity because of the many benefits it offers people by giving them space and an opportunity to live a fun and fulfilling life.

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