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10 Co-Living Friendly Body weight Exercises


Mark Galieo

Vybeliving #232 Mission Street


6 Mar 2020

Co-Living Friendly Body Exercises

There are several benefits associated with a co-living arrangement but, let’s be honest, sprawling spaces where you can do as you wish isn’t one of them. Since it’s all about community living and sharing the accommodation with strangers, you’ve got to be mindful of not hogging the space available to you. For fitness enthusiasts, this means that physical exercise gets restricted, especially if they like working out in the open. How many exercise machines can you possibly cram into the terrace or living area? Besides, not everyone might warm up to the idea of seeing dumbbells, treadmills, and cross trainers lying around, right? 

Don’t worry. You don’t have to give up your fitness passion just yet. You can still exercise and maintain a fit and toned body while enjoying all the perks of a co-living arrangement. There are many bodyweight exercises that you can do without causing inconvenience to your community members. Let’s look at 10 of them here.  

1.      Burpees

Burpees Exercises

Anyone who loves a high-intensity workout will just love burpees. It’s a great warmup exercise that pushes you to move every muscle in your body. A full-body explosive motion, a burpee is a 3-step exercise that includes pushup in the first step, popping into a squatting position in the second, and then jumping and standing with your hands upwards in the third. The best part is that you don’t need much space to do burpees. As long as you’re able to stretch your body into a pushup position, any room is a good room for this exercise.

2.      Pushups

Pushups Exercises

There’s no workout regime in the world that doesn’t include pushups. This 2-step exercise targets your shoulders, triceps, and chest muscles in each repetition. Even seasoned bodybuilders and martial artists include pushups in their routine because of its simplicity and effectiveness. The best part? You can do pushups anywhere - the bedroom, bathroom, living room, terrace, corridor, kitchen … that too with zero equipment needed.

3.      Close-Grip Pushups

Close-Grip Pushups

A variant of your regular pushups, close-grip pushups target your triceps. While performing close-grip pushups, you’ve got to bring your hands as close as possible and perform the standard push up movement. They look similar to the standard pushup movement but are way harder as you’ve got to use the strength of your triceps to push your upper body. 

4.      Pull-Ups

Pull-Ups Exercises

Good old pull-ups - integral to every workout and hated by even intermediate-level bodybuilders! Pull-ups are hard, but they deliver amazing results. Pull-ups target your biceps and whole upper and middle back muscles, increasing muscle mass and strength over a period of time. You’ll only need a rod or pull-up bar for this exercise. Just fix the bar on your door-frame and start doing one of the toughest exercises on the planet.

5.      Bridge

Bridge Exercises

An excellent space-savvy exercise for stability and strength, the bridge focuses on stretching your core while you’re lying on the ground. There are many variations of a bridge that focus on gradually increasing the difficulty, but you can start from the most basic one. Just lie down on your back and bend your knees. Now, lift your hips up and try and bring your hip, knees, and shoulders in a straight line. Repeat this motion at least 20-30 times while you’re working out and implement progressive overload such as sustaining the position or switching to more difficult variants of the exercise.

6.      Planking

Planking Exercises

Planks have become so popular of late that every non-traditional workout routine such as Pilates, CrossFit, and HIIT have added them to their regimes. And you only have to stretch your body into the push-up position (with your hands slightly more upwards), you can plank almost anywhere. This is another full-body workout that hits almost every muscle in your body, such as your glutes, shoulders, arms, chest, abs, quads, whole back muscles, and whatnot.

7.      Prone-Back Extensions

Prone-Back Extensions

This simple, yet tough, exercise is the perfect space-crunch solution. Just lie on your stomach with your toes touching on the ground. Now, keep your neck and back in a straight line and pull your chest upwards. A prone-back extension is a great exercise as it constantly contracts and expands your back (especially the lower back muscles), which in turn makes your muscles even stronger. Just avoid overdoing it as you can hurt your back as well.

8.      Squats

Squats Exercises

Another old-school exercise, squats are as result-oriented as they are painful. You have to do situps in a standing position with your legs stretched as wide as your shoulders while maintaining your back arch. Squats are great for building quads, hamstrings, and calves. This is a vital lower-body exercise often ignored by noobies but you remove squats from your workout routine and you’ll end up with a heavy upper body and thin, lanky legs. Not ideal at all!

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