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Is Your Roommate Feeling the Blues? Here's How You Can Help


Mark Galieo

Vybeliving #232 Mission Street


6 Mar 2020

Living with a roommate

Living with a roommate is a different experience altogether. You get to meet new people and share the ups and downs of your life with them. However, there are times when both you and your roommate have to face difficulties and not everyone finds it easy to deal with them. Although it can be difficult to figure out why your roommate is feeling the blues, you have to deal with the situation carefully to help them get through it. If you’re at a loss about how to do that, here are a few tips that should help.

First, Figure Out What’s Going On 

Try to sense what they are feeling or what has been bothering them. Do they want to be left alone for some time? Or, do they feel like venting? But most importantly, respect their feelings. Don’t rush to make them feel better if they want to sit alone for some time. And lend them a listening ear when they feel like talking. 

Initiate Positive Conversations

Whenever your roommate is up to it, initiate positive, open-ended conversations. Use statements that start with ‘I’ instead of ‘you’ can show your support without putting them on the defensive. Conversations such as “I’ve noticed that you’ve been feeling low for some time. I was worried and if you want to talk, I am here for you,” can have a calming impact without inducing guilt. 

Encourage Him to Be Resilient

Remind your roommate how both of you dealt with difficult issues in the past. Help them look inward and tap into their reservoir of strength and resilience to help them get through this difficult phase. 

Try to Have Fun

On a lighter note, if you sense that your friend is just going through a rough patch, make a playlist of their favorite melodies and play it whenever you notice a sad look on their face. Or you could invite him to multiplayer rounds of your favorite game. At the very least, it will uplift their mood, if not solve their problems.

Throw Your Roommate a Surprise Party

Throw a house party and surprise your roommate by inviting their best friends who they haven’t met in a long time. He’s going to be touched by your gesture and the look on his face, when he sees their best friend, will be thanks enough for you. Spend the evening eating, drinking, and chilling with each other and wake up the next morning without worrying about what’s going to happen next.

Get Them a Gift

People love gifts! And they’re especially well-received when you’re not feeling all that great and you’re looking for anything to perk you up. So get your roommate a nice gift. You don’t have to overthink it or look for something extravagant. The gift can be as simple as their favorite action figure or a trendy t-shirt. Or if your roommate is a foodie, make them something they like. It’ll definitely bring a smile to their face.   

Help them out with Chores

Anyone who’s feeling a bit low wouldn’t want to do the dishes. For the next few days, why don’t you take over their chores? It might be a little hard on you for a couple of days, but it will give your roommate some breathing space and help them beat the blues. 

Indulge in some DIY

Go out with your friend to the nearest IKEA and buy a shelf or a set of chairs. Spend some time assembling the furniture and see how relaxing it feels once the two of you make a complete set of chairs. The bonus? You’ve just added some furniture to your home. We can only hope you picked out something useful!

Express Your Gratitude

There must be something that your roommate has done for you such as paying bills when you didn’t have money or taking up the household chores when you were sick. Remind your buddy of those times and thank them for standing by your side. Such gestures generate a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood.

Be Compassionate

It can be quite frustrating seeing your roommate upset as they might not be contributing to the chores or bringing down the general mood of your home. But put those thoughts aside and be empathetic towards them. Understand their state of mind and don’t expect your roommate to just ‘snap out of it’. Be patient and compassionate.

No two days are the same. Ups and downs are a part of life, but having someone by your side to help you get through them makes a difference. When your roommate is under the weather, stand by them like a rock and let them know you are there for them. Someday, they will return the favor and show you the same understanding that you extended to them. And that’s the circle of life!

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