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10 Things To Check Before Renting A Coliving


Mark Galieo

Vybeliving #232 Mission Street


6 Mar 2020

Things Check Before Renting

While there’s no dearth of coliving options in San Francisco, finding one that matches your needs, lifestyle, and preferences takes time and requires proper vetting. Here are ten things you should check to make sure that the coliving you choose is the best for you.

1. Who are you going to live with?

You may not be the kind of person who gets along with everyone, and that’s fine. Professional coliving spaces have screening processes in place to categorize tenants based on their lifestyle, profession, hobbies, and preferences. Because of this, you can identify with shortlisted individuals based on similarities in your interests.

2. What are the basic facilities available to you?

Apart from the furniture, many coliving spaces provide additional facilities such as Wi-Fi, a full-stacked kitchen, and cleaning and laundry services. Being clear about the amenities that are included in the rent will help you choose the best coliving space

3. Are there any additional facilities being offered? 

In addition to the basic things, you might want some extra facilities (because, why not). Find out if the coliving has a pool, spa or rest and recreational space (for that backyard BBQ maybe?). There might be an extra charge, so find out how much you’ll be shelling out for these luxuries.   

4. Are you comfortable with the location?

Getting around San Francisco is not easy, especially if you consider the traffic that eats into a chunk of your time. Check the travel time from your coliving to your work or college. Other factors like the kind of neighborhood you prefer, and the availability of parks, restaurants, and other amenities should be on your mind when choosing a coliving. 

5. Do you mind having time restrictions?

Each coliving space will have its policy related to in and out times. Some will be more relaxed and others slightly stricter. You’ve got to figure out what you’re most comfortable with.

6. What are the policies related to guests?

Do they allow guests? If yes, is there any area inaccessible to them? Can you take them into your living quarters? Are they allowed to stay over, if need be? These and a few other such concerns should be clarified from the word go if you expect to socialize regularly.

7. Do they allow pets?

Animal-lovers are often worried about having to give up their pets if they move to a coliving establishment. But quite a few of them allow pets if other members have no objection. So, whether you’re a pet lover or you prefer not being around animals; either way, check out this detail beforehand for your peace of mind.

8. Is there a penalty for breaking the contract?

Coliving spaces may offer different contract periods such as monthly, quarterly, or annually. If you’re opting for a long-term lease, ask them about the penalty for prematurely breaking the contract in case of an emergency. You could also find out if there’s any clause that allows you to break the lease under specific circumstances.

9. Is the coliving space legally valid?

Always ensure that your coliving space has a legal validation. If the accommodation does not have a clearance from the state (per the law), the authorities can declare the space legally invalid anytime and you might have to suffer.

10. Is there a grace period if there’s a delay in the rent?

No two days are the same and sometimes, you might fail to pay your rent on time. Many coliving spaces provide a grace period when that happens, but others are stricter. It’s always better to find out what consequences you might have to face on the rare occasions you’re late on your payment.

Checking your compatibility with a coliving space beforehand will help you make the right choice. It will also prepare you to make the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle.  

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