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Top 5 Myths About Coliving That Are True


Mark Galieo

Vybeliving #232 Mission Street


13 Mar 2020

Coliving Spaces

Housing choices in the US’s most desirable locations are pretty limited. Hubs like New York, San Francisco, and Seattle are notorious for their sky-high rents and horror stories about weird, unlivable apartments. For most people, their options include living outside the city, splitting an apartment with a couple of randos, or throwing away all of their income in a private place in the city. 

Then, there’s coliving. Some believe it’s the answer to all their housing problems, while some still view it with suspicion, often portraying it as a hippie, cult-ish, college dorm-type situation. Well, some of these misconceptions or myths (whatever you want to call it) might just be true but not in the way you think. So before you move into that cramped fifth-floor walkup with a toilet in the living room, hear me out.

 “So, you’re basically living in a dorm, right?”

Co-living Spaces

Most people jump to this inference when I tell them about coliving, and they’re right. Coliving is a lot like living in a college dorm, and I don’t see why this concept rubs people the wrong way. I enjoyed living in my college dorm with a bunch of people. We would goof off, tell each other fanciful stories, get drunk together, huddle up in one of our tiny beds and watch old movies together. It was a wonderful experience. Coliving offers a similar experience - a heady mix of camaraderie with the support of a strong community. The only difference is that now I have my own room in a beautiful apartment without a single cinder block insight.

 “You don’t get any privacy; it’s going to be a nightmare!”

Co-living Area

If you live in a house with 4-5 other residents, you’re bound to lose some privacy, but the sacrifice is worth it when you look at the bigger picture. You get your own room (with windows) in a beautifully designed home that is within your budget. Your laundry and utilities are taken care of and if you’re new to the city, it gives you the chance to meet new friends. Of course, staying in a coliving space doesn’t mean you give up all of your privacy. At the end of the day, you go to your own room and sleep in your own bed behind closed doors. And I think that’s enough privacy for me.

“It’s only for digital nomads and hippies.”

Living Space

Guess what? We are a generation of digital nomads. We give more importance to the idea of ‘earning’ new experiences, which is why we leave our homes, explore opportunities and passions, live in new cities, and travel for months at a stretch while working over a laptop. Coliving spaces give us this freedom and the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds, gain beautiful experiences, and grow as an individual. This ‘nomadic’ lifestyle is really suiting us!

 “It costs more than renting an apartment!”

Co-living cost effective

It’s true, coliving can cost more than renting an apartment if you look at it in terms of the actual space you’re getting. But it’s much more affordable when you factor in all of its perks, which include being fully furnished, utilities, free wifi, laundry and the network of coliving spaces that you have access to worldwide, among other things. The alternative is that you end up spending double the amount of buying furniture and other knick-knacks for your apartment and throw away a huge chunk of your earnings every time you have to move.

 “Sharing spaces means dirt and clutter.”


Living together with 4-5 people obviously means a lot more clutter piling up in the common areas, especially if the people living together are all working. But this is also true of any living arrangement; a place is only as clean as you keep it. It benefits everyone to have a cleaner apartment and fewer negotiations about who last scrubbed the toilet, which is why coliving spaces provide cleaning services for all common areas. That way, you only have the clutter piling up in your room to worry about.

 A lot of the issues that people have usually come down to the ‘co’ part of coliving—you give up some privacy to live with other people at a low cost in the city. Other than that, most of the challenges that come with coliving are typical of most city apartments. If that sounds like a good trade-off for you, coliving is a great alternative to your standard options for city living.

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