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Top 3 Reasons to Stay In A Coliving


Mark Galieo

Vybeliving #232 Mission Street


6 Mar 2020

Staying In Coliving

Coliving has become the next big thing in housing and is quickly rising in popularity, particularly among the millennial generation. While the basic idea behind such spaces has always existed, such as in student residencies or shared accommodations, it has transformed into a much more refined concept with the rise of dedicated coliving spaces. There are numerous reasons why people prefer coliving over traditional housing options such as renting or buying a house. If you’re moving to San Francisco and wondering whether coliving is the right choice for you, here are three things that might help you make your decision.

1.The Sense of Community

Co-living community relationships

One of the biggest reasons why people choose to stay in coliving spaces is the sense of community that comes with it. Coliving spaces are built on the concept of fostering community relationships, while also giving you the independence that comes with living alone. Very often, there are various community-building events happening in such spaces to provide enough socializing and networking opportunities that even the most introverted individuals are likely to find interesting. The best thing about coliving is that you meet a diverse range of people, all with varying backgrounds, experiences, lifestyles, and cultures. And this exposes you to opportunities and experiences that would be hard to come by in usual circumstances.

2.The Cost of Living

Co-living helps

It’s no secret that San Francisco is… well, expensive. In fact, it’s one of the least affordable cities in the country and the cost of living here is notoriously high. From steep rents to overpriced daily essentials like food and coffee, it’s easy to lose track of how much you’re spending until your bank account gives you a rude awakening. Coliving helps lessen your financial burdens by deducting a sizable amount from your expenditure, both in terms of the initial moving-in costs and monthly dues such as rent and maintenance. You don’t have to worry about utilities like water, electricity, and WiFi or other essentials like furniture and kitchen supplies. You only pay the agreed flat fee, unlike traditional housing which comes with a lot of hidden costs and added charges.

3.The Convenience

Co-living spaces

People who stay in coliving spaces are usually from the younger demographic, leading fast-paced lives and often working in high-pressure environments. They’re entrepreneurs, remote workers, or full-time employees with no time and energy to give to the daily chores that come with having their own place. Coliving makes life easier by providing maintenance services and prompt problem solving by property managers so that you can focus on more important matters. They can even find and screen roommates according to your budget or personality. Coliving spaces are also excellent options for people looking for shorter leasing contracts, or those who need to find a place to stay on short notice without compromising on their comfort. 

At the end of the day, it all boils down to the fact that housing, especially in metro cities like San Francisco, has become a huge issue with fast-rising costs and high competition for limited real estate. Coliving spaces are a direct response to the demand for a better alternative and have become a preferred option for many who are looking for comfortable accommodation outside of traditional housing options. The comfort of home coupled with the companionship of a young and vibrant community makes it an excellent option for the younger segment of our society.

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