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Upcoming Technology Trends to Watch Out For


Mark Galieo

Vybeliving #232 Mission Street


13 Mar 2020

Technology Trends

They say change is the only constant, but when it comes to technology, it would be truer to say that it’s constantly changing! Such exciting times we’re living in, right? Every new day brings with it an exciting advancement full of potential, promising to reshape the way we interact with the world around us. 

Here are 5 technology trends that have caught everyone’s fancy these days. And I, too, am quite excited about them. 

1. Folding OLED Mobile PhonesFolding OLED Mobile Phones

The smartphone industry is all set to embrace the new and improved (also very exciting) foldable screen phones. As smartphones reach screen size saturation, the industry is demanding big-screened phones that are easier to carry. Samsung and Motorola have already shown us what they can do, and they’re paving the way for more brands to follow this trend.

 It gives me great joy to see them once the bankable design of the 90’s making a comeback. But nostalgia aside, the OLED displays on these foldable phones are an improvement on the usual glass-based screens. They’re lighter, thinner, and more durable, not to mention that ‘click’ when you snap the phone shut is extremely satisfying. As the fight for improving smartphones intensifies, the next decade could see a completely new batch of smartphones with foldable screens that can be big enough to read the NY Times effortlessly while fitting perfectly into your pockets!

2. Voice Operated Devices

Voice Operated Devices

Switching from the basic input techniques (typing and touch), this ‘conversation’ technology is changing our usual user input practices. Voice-controlled digital assistants in phones and household appliances (thermostats, smart speakers, security devices, etc.) have become an integral part of our lives today

Apart from connectedness, a major selling point of voice-operated devices is convenience. After all, who wouldn’t want to make a gadget work without having to make any physical effort? (Hey Siri, order me a pizza, please!) Companies are constantly trying to use machine learning to improve the AI behind voice operating devices, leading to a more individualized voice recognition feature. After all, it would be nice if Alexa successfully turned on the porch lights instead of the ‘Porsche's lights’, right?

3. Battery Operated VehiclesBattery Operated Vehicles

Electric vehicles are more environment-friendly, cost-efficient, and easier to maintain than their diesel and petrol counterparts. With their availability to the common people, they are turning out to be a great alternative to the traditional transportation systems. Compared to the tailpipe pollution caused by diesel and petrol engines, Electric cars have zero-emission. Also, many common places, like office and mall parking, have become more compatible with Battery Operated Vehicles with the availability of charging points. So in the long run, we can see electric vehicles replacing a major chunk of the conventional automobiles.

4. Home Automation and Smart Lighting SystemsSmart Lighting Systems

Consider this. When your coffee’s done brewing, the kettle informs you through your IoT system which, in turn, announces the same to you via speakers! This isn’t a far-fetched fantasy but a reality that’s just a few years away. With the introduction of Home Automation Systems, our convenience and ease have increased exponentially. Instead of manually controlling basic home devices like doorbells and locks, you can turn to your phone or a voice-controlled device to do so. 

Smart homes today include smart locks, lighting systems, security systems, thermostats, speakers and even smart gardens! You also have intelligent lighting systems that use motion sensors to tell when you’re entering the room and switch the lights on and off accordingly. Going forward, don’t be surprised if your curtains lower automatically and your lightning dims itself when you start watching a movie. Won’t that be nice, though!

5. High Camera PhonesHigh Camera Phones

Camera? That’s an advancement? Surely, we could have picked something else for the article. But with cameras being the biggest selling point for smartphones these days, it would be remiss of us to not bring them up.

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