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Convenience and comfort
in the Golden City.

We did the math for you.
It pays to Vybe.

Vybe vs Traditional Renting

Vybe Old School Renting
Fees Transparent & Flat Fees Unknown (depends on landlord)
Roommates ALWAYS: pre-screened Background checked Good Vybes only Post on lots of sites “Look as good as possible” Deal with attitudes
Time Commitment Accepted? Move into your new home within 24 hours. Many days of tours and being ghosted
Move In
Utilities verified icon May need to setup yourself
Housemate Agreement verified icon Differs from home to home Never know what you get
Kitchen Supplies verified icon Who really knows
Furniture verified icon cross icon
Maintenance verified icon Good luck when the Internet stops working
Member Support Submit a request in the Member Portal and we’re on it! Track down your landlord (not fun)
Curated Community verified icon You really have no say
Move Out
No Moving Furniture verified icon cross icon
Want a new neighborhood? Let us know and we’ll hook you up
(small fee applies)
cross icon

Expererience Vybe Living

Take a quick peep at all the things we take care of, so you don't have to!

Decor and Furniture

Charming Decor & Furniture

Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen Essentials

Regular Cleaning

Regular Cleaning

Wifi, TV and Utilities

Wifi, TV and Utilities

Let's Talk Numbers

It really pays to do the math. Compare old school renting to coliving.

Furniture Vybe Old School Renting
Bed & Mattress $0
Memory Foam, Baby!
Bed Sheets & Pillows & Covers $0
(you only bring a duvet/blanket)
Carpet or Rug $0 $70
Couch & TV $0 $300* - $1500
Pans, Dishes, Cups, Silverware $0 $120* - $600
Dining Table, Chairs $0 $250* - $1500
Decorations $0
Bathroom Accessories $0
(you only bring your own towels)
$50* - $250
Total $0 $2,270* - $5,720
(*if you split cost 5 ways with your other roommates)
Utilities $100/mo
Electricity & Gas included above $50* - $150
Water included above $50* - $100
Internet & TV included above $30* - $150
Total $100/mo $130* - $400/mo
(*if you split cost 5 ways with your other roommates)
Moving Costs
Moving Truck & Movers ( $0 $150 + lots of time or $500 for movers
Packing Materials $100 $250 - $600
Total $100 one-time
(plus $100/mo utilities)
$2,520 - $6,320
(plus $130-400/mo utilities)

Take A Stroll

We scout the most beautiful homes and stock them
with everything you need to feel at home

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