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Great Homes And People,
Exciting Community & Good Vybes

Finding a new home is a pain, moving is expensive
and making new friends as an adult is hard.

We take the stress out of moving so that you can focus on what really matters.

Our Mission

We create a better way to live. It’s that simple.

Simplify San Francisco Living 🏡
👭 Transform Spaces Into Homes
Welcome People As Friends 😄
🌉 Create Lasting Connections

Quick Facts

Vybe’s selection of homes are high-quality and
in neighborhoods you actually want to live in.

  • 200+

    Happy Members

  • 40


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    Dynamic Neighborhoods

high quality apartment
high quality apartment
high quality apartment
high quality apartment
living room

Our Values

Here are the principles that guide us every day that we’re committed to.


Without integrity, you have nothing.
That’s our stand. Do what you say.
If you won’t, communicate it as soon as
it’s known and acknowledge the impact.

Support Support

We’re here for each other and our members.
Sometimes, life deals you lemons.
We help build each other up so that you can,
you guessed it, make lemonade!

Complete ThingsConvenience

We make sure communication is complete.
We don’t withhold from each other.
We make sure we get what each of us or
our members are actually dealing with.


Our Team

Vybe is a growing global team of real estate experts, designers, engineers, travelers, operations specialists, hospitality professionals, and locals with a vision of making people feel at home wherever they choose to live.

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Interested in joining the team?

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We scout the most beautiful homes and stock them
with everything you need to feel at home.

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